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About Us


Yunhong Art Studio was established in 2000 and has been training many students from the local communities since then.

With the commitment of providing students with a top-notch education in visual art and training in drawing and painting, Yunhong Art Studio aims to offer students the best! Whether it is the wonderful learning environment, or knowledgeable and experienced instructors, we guarantee that students will learn and master the knowledge and skills they require to excel in today’s dynamic world of art.

Head Instructor

  • Yunhong Wang
    Head Instructor
    • B.F.A., Spec. Hons. Visual Arts
    • D.M.A., Spec. Hons.
    • Member of C.O.A.A.


Yunhong has taught for over two decades. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors from York University, and a Special Honors Digital Media Arts degree from Seneca College. 

Yunhong Wang is creative in both aspects of her work: as a teacher and an artist. She has developed a series of approaches to educate different age groups of students from her many years of art teaching experience.


Isabella has studied art ever since she was a child. With over a decade of tutelage, Isabella is excellent at engaging students and pushing them to create better and better artworks. She has been teaching at Yunhong Art Studio for over 7 years.


  • Isabella Chawrun
    • BSc University of Toronto
    • M.A York University
    • PhD Student Waterloo University


  • Claire Campbell
    • B.A.S Carleton University


Beginning her study at Yunhong Art Studio over ten years ago, Claire now acts as an instructor assistant. For more than four years, she has proved eager to make an impact in our students’ artistic education. With a special interest in the design process, Claire is dedicated to engaging students with skills and conversation that contribute greatly to every creative project. Presently, Claire continues to follow her passion for design by pursuing a Bachelor of Architectural Studies at Carleton University.